Sparksuite’s Employee Handbook

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Employee privacy

Before diving into this section, it’s important to realize that we place substantial trust in our employees and therefore respect employee privacy as much as we can.

To protect our company, though, we need to make it clear that employees do not have a right to privacy within the workplace. This includes our offices, any company owned property that you use (e.g., desk, storage, laptop, etc.), company provided online accounts and services (e.g., email, code repositories, file sharing services, etc.), and other items of this nature. With this in mind, we reserve the right to search these at any time, without warning, to ensure compliance with our policies, including those that cover employee safety, workplace violence, harassment, theft, and possession of prohibited items.

Email and internet privacy

Company provided email and internet are not being actively monitored by anyone, but because they are company resources that are managed according to company policy, you should not expect privacy from either. Our company has both the ability and the right to look at employee usage for both in order to protect employee safety and wellbeing, as well as company property and interests.

Email messages (including attachments) sent and received from a company email address are the property of our company. We reserve the right to access, monitor, read, and/or copy email messages at any time, for any reason. You should not expect privacy for any email you send using your company email, including messages that you consider to be personal or label with a designation such as “Personal” or “Private.”

We reserve the right to monitor employee use of the internet at any time. You should not expect that your use of the internet—including but not limited to the sites you visit, the amount of time you spend online, and the communications you have—will be private.