Sparksuite’s Employee Handbook

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Drugs, alcohol, and weapons

Our policies regarding drugs, alcohol, and weapons are designed to promote a safe and productive work environment for all employees. They’re also designed to maintain a positive image of our company and our employees.

Because these are relatively serious subject matters, employees who violate any of these policies risk immediate termination and law enforcement intervention.


Under no circumstances may an employee use, buy, sell, or distribute illegal drugs, whether at work or not.


Alcoholic beverages may be allowed in the office for select occasions; in which case, team members are expected to drink responsibly and in moderation. However, our office will be presumed dry unless otherwise indicated by a team member with authority to make exceptions to this policy.


Weapons are not permitted in the office under any circumstances, with the exception of small pocket knives (blades under 3") and mace. Among other things, prohibited weapons include firearms, swords, fireworks, explosives, tasers, or anything that could easily be construed as a weapon given the environment.