Sparksuite’s Employee Handbook

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Office environment

In the summer of 2021, we moved into HQ v2, an office that’s radically different from our company’s first location. Driven by feedback from our team, and designed in partnership with a talented architecture firm, this second iteration of our company’s headquarters has been crafted to be an ideal working environment for team members. We’ve invested a significant amount of time, energy, and capital into every facet of the space to foster productive & enjoyable work.

Location and design

Located a few minutes from the junction of I-45 and the Grand Parkway, on the border of The Woodlands, our office is situated in a newly-constructed office park with plenty of space to roam when the weather’s nice. There’s more than enough free parking just steps from our front doors. The office park features free Tesla chargers, several green space areas, and modern architecture.

During the day, our office is flooded with natural light that permeates every area of the building thanks to ample use of exterior and interior glass. When the weather’s nice, we open the large all-glass garage door and enjoy the covered balconies on the second floor. Yard games and sports can be played in the green space behind our building.

The interior of our office is filled with beautiful and fun architecture, numerous private offices, collaborative areas, places to relax and watch TV, individual restrooms, a large break room, soft upbeat music, greenery, a ping pong table, a treadmill desk, and more.

Individual workspaces

All team members are equipped with a workstation designed to foster productivity and success. Everyone works at their own programmable standing desk with built-in USB chargers. Tucked under the desk you’ll have a personal, locking cabinet for storage.

For tech hardware, we provide cutting-edge MacBook Pros with dual or triple high-end 4K monitors. We’ll also provide your choice of keyboard, mouse, mousepad, etc. along with any other gadgets or supplies you need (like cables, test devices, notepads, sticky notes, etc.).

In addition, most team members are assigned a lockable private office for quiet, focused working. Each private office is equipped with a personal Sonos speaker for listening to whatever you please.

Snacks, beverages, and coffee

We keep our break room stocked with granola bars, nuts, fruit bars, jerky, chips, fruits, lunch supplies, and more. Our oversized beverage fridge is full of refreshing drink choices. Getting hungry or thirsty? Feel free to grab something from the assortment of goodies. Some are healthy… some are simply delicious.

For appliances, an air fryer + toaster oven + microwave combo, refrigerator, toaster, hot/cold water dispenser, and ice maker are all at your disposal.

On the coffee front, you couldn’t be more well covered! We love coffee at Sparksuite, so our break room is brimming with some of the nicest (and highest tech) coffee equipment on the market. You’ll find an E1 Prima espresso machine, multiple Mahlkönig grinders, an Ottomatic 2.0 from Chemex, nitro cold brew on tap, specialty-roasted beans, and even a PUQpress.

If we’re missing your favorite snack or beverage, let the person in charge of ordering snacks at the office know and he or she may be able to accommodate it!

Networking and security

Our office is connected to symmetric gigabit-speed fiber internet service, with automatic & rapid failover to LTE in the event of an internet outage. Our networking and security equipment will stay online through power flickers and extended outages thanks to multiple layers of power redundancy, including a massive Tesla Powerwall. By employing state-of-the-art networking equipment from Ubiquiti, plus thoughtful network design, we’re able to provide devices with near-theoretical-maximum speeds.

Thorough coverage from high-resolution cameras, an intrusion/fire detection system monitored 24/7, strict door access control systems, well-lit parking lots, and other measures help protect our team members and property and ensure everyone feels safe working at any time of day.