Sparksuite’s Employee Handbook

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We offer a variety of employer-sponsored health plans with company contributions. We also offer vision and dental plans, along with HSAs. The process of selecting and managing plans is made easy and seamless by our payroll provider.

Health plans

The following plans from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas are available for the 2023-2024 coverage period:

Dental and vision plans

The following plans from Beam are available for the 2023-2024 coverage period:

Health savings account

Team members with a health plan that meets the requirements for a “High Deductible Health Plan” (HDHP) can optionally add a health savings account (HSA) as a tax-saving measure for many types of health expenses.

Company contribution

Our company will contribute 50% of the cost of the employee’s base health plan premium, toward whichever of the above health plans the employee chooses. Here’s a hypothetical example of what that looks like:

Plan A (base) Plan B Plan C
Employee premium $300 $400 $500
Company contribution $150 $150 $150
Employee contribution $150 $250 $350

There is no company contribution toward dental premiums, vision premiums, or HSAs.

We’ve established a plan to slowly phase out extra compensation for team members with a spouse and/or dependents (a relic of an earlier health benefit arrangement). As such, for the 2022-2023 coverage period, we’re contributing 100% of the cost of each non-employee’s base health plan premium. This will be followed by 50% in the 2023-2024 coverage period and 0% in all future coverage periods.

Coverage period

Our benefits coverage period is from March 1st through February 28/29th of the following year.


For new team members, coverage can typically begin as early as the next 1st of the month following your hire date. The exception to this is, if you’re hired on the 1st of a month, dental and vision plans can begin the same day.

Existing team members will receive communications each year regarding the annual open enrollment period (the period when changes can be made to health benefits). If you have a “qualifying life event,” team members can notify our payroll provider, and they can assist with making changes to health benefits during a special enrollment period.

Premium pricing

Our plans use ”member-level” premiums, where each covered person’s premium is based on their age and ZIP code. This is different than ”composite” premiums, where employees are placed into one of four categories (employee only, employee + spouse, employee + dependents, employee + spouse + dependents). Composite premiums are more common with large employers but have several shortcomings, especially with small- to mid-sized employers.


  • Can a family mix-and-match the above health plans? Unfortunately, no. Family members must use the same plan the employee chooses, or opt for coverage from elsewhere.
  • Can an employee decline health coverage? Yes, but proof-of-coverage from a different health plan must be provided.
  • If an employee declines health coverage, can their spouse and/or dependents still receive coverage? Unfortunately, no. Since the employee is the primary on the plan, for their spouse and/or dependents to receive coverage through our company, the employee cannot decline coverage.