Sparksuite’s Employee Handbook

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Flexible working hours

Team members are free to choose the hours that work best for them, within 7am-7pm on weekdays. To ensure there is ample overlapping time for teammates to work together, the hours you choose should include the hours of 10am-4pm (with the exception of a reasonable lunch break).

The hours you work can change day-by-day, and you don’t need to let anyone know when you plan to arrive or leave each day (as long as it’s within the windows described above). Need to come in later one day and earlier the next? Go for it!

Employees generally still have access to the office outside of the 7-7 working window, but working outside of these hours should be reserved for extreme circumstances (like a software outage that needs immediate attention). However, feel free to enjoy the games or game tables at the office anytime with friends + family!