Sparksuite’s Employee Handbook

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Flexible remote work

To promote a healthy work-life balance, team members can work remotely up to 2 days each week. No need to gain approval in advance.


Be sure to choose and/or create a working environment that is suitable for productive work. This would include:

  • A fast, reliable internet connection
  • Your laptop and any other supplies/gear you need
  • Noise-level and surroundings conducive to the type of work you do
  • Sufficient time to work as much as you would have at the office

When choosing which days to work remotely, take into consideration your commitments and responsibilities, like whether you have meetings, company-wide events, etc. Be sure to notify team members who may be impacted by you working remotely that day.

Working remotely generally requires more effort to ensure it’s effective and productive. It will take extra work to ensure you’re still collaborating well with your teammates and exceeding their expectations. At the end of the day, your teammates are counting on you just as much as when you’re at the office.

If you have a compelling reason to work remotely more than 2 days in a particular week, please obtain approval from the person you report to as much in advance as reasonably possible. Several days notice is expected, except for unusual circumstances.

Why not 100% remote?

As a tech company, much of our work can be performed from anywhere. Yet, we’ve found that we’re more collaborative and productive as a team when working from a co-located environment. Plus, working in-person with fellow team members fosters a stronger team culture and more meaningful connections.

To make co-located working the best possible experience, we’ve invested heavily into creating one of the most enjoyable office environments around, with plenty of snacks, indoor/outdoor break areas, ample private offices, stellar coffee, standing desks, and so much more. Our office was designed with team member feedback to be a place people genuinely want to work from.